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Widget that shows saved searches


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until the last update, I was a happy user of the widget. I had two saved searches combining tags, so I had a To-do list on my phone for work and one for personal business. After the last update and three new widgets, my workflow is ruined. There's really no way to get a widget showing the tags I want, and I don't want to reorganize my complete workflow. Anybody knows about an app that would let me do this, or can tell me if there's a suggestion page somewhere for the app developers? I was quite disappointed when I noticed that the saved searches option in the widget was gone.




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Hi.  The 4x2 (optionally extendable) 'list' widget has a variety of choices for the notes it displays including tags and shortcuts...

Thx, but that is exactly my problem. I had the previous widget, and that also showed saved searches. So I had a 4x2 widget that had my To Do list ready at all times. Now the closest I come is through a shortcut to a saved search, which then opens the app and gives me a less handy overview of the notes I want to see. 


If I want a To Do list now, I have to create a couple new tags like

@TodoWork and @TodoHome, instead of using the nice idea of organized tags (a tag ToDo as a subsection of work, ...) and use a saved search to get that list split up depending on where I am. 


And that sucks, because it worked completely fine until a couple of days ago.

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