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Evernote Outlook Clipper duplicate content (not duplicate note)

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Hi everyone, my first post ever after using EN for years. Also, my first problem with EN and hope someone can help.


Recently, every time I clip a note in Outlook 2013, EN create one note but the content is duplicated. For example, if there is a mail with a message body and say, 5 attachments, when I do an EN clip, one note is created but the message body is repeated and so would the attachments ie. I get 2 blocks of the message body (repeated) and twice the number of attachments (in the example with 5 attachments, I will get 10 attachments) in the note created (it created one note but the content is duplicated).


There is a check-box (in the clipper) where I can un-check one of the message body. In the example of 5 attachments, I will get 10 check-boxes altogether and its a pain to check off the duplicates.


I am using EN ver " (276742) Public" as indicated in the "About" pop-up box.


I had uninstalled EN and reinstalled but the problem persisted.


Can anyone point me to a solution? Many thank in advance.

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Hi.  There are known issues with the latest clipper,  but yours seems an extreme case - I'd suggest you raise a support ticket.  Basic users don't get email support,  (except for bug reports,  or payment / account access issues)  but if you're Plus or Premium submit a request by choosing the appropriate option in the first dropdown after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

All users can contact Twitter @Evernotehelps

In either case include the forum thread URL for extra background.

Premium / Business users also have access to a Chat option (7am-7pm PST weekdays) - click 'continue' on the support page after logging in.

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