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Feature Request: Widget dark theme (like now-discontinued old widget)



If you expect us to use the new widgets, then at least give them the same dark theme which was available in the separate widget app. 


Forcing us to use the bright green widget makes any dark-themed homescreen look awful.  Please carry the dark theme over to the new widgets.

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Why release anything that takes away features? Not happy!

Which particular feature are you missing? (I'm guessing 'dark theme', but in which widget? Or the main app?)

In the latest version for Android 7.2 the widgets are included in the app.

The widget app is disconnected

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I've been meaning to clarify my remark, but I wasn't sure how to describe the widget features I miss. It isn't the dark theme, which I like and which is still there in the new "Evernote List" widget (but apparently not in some of the other new widgets? I haven't looked.) Anyways, here goes.

When it forced me to stop using the old Widgets (that were in a separate app) I started using the new widgets that are now included with the latest version of the base Evernote app. Here are the widget features that are missing, as far as I can tell:

  1. Horizontally scrolling "card" style widgets. Old widgets included a vertically scrolling list widget, plus a separate widget that was horizontally scrolling. The vertical scroller would render each note as a one-line title without photos or text previews of the note body (at least, this is how it worked in the reminder view; perhaps in other views it did have a preview or display some meta info? but in all views the individual notes were rendered as line items with width >> height. P.S. ">>" means much greater than) The old horizontal scrolling widget would render each note as a rectangular card, height > width, with a short note title, photo (if present) and text preview.

    To me these are both different styles of list widget, although as best I can recall, the horizontal scroller one may have had a different name like "card" widget? Can't document this as fully as I'd like to, since there appears to be no easy/obvious way to revert back to the old widgets!

    In the new widget design, we have a single widget in which the designers have decided that certain views (now called "list options") are always vertically scrolling line items (e.g. the reminders view) while other views (e.g. Recently updated) are taller "card" style items w/ text preview, except that they are still vertically scrolling.  This is a interesting, potentially useful design simplification. But, there's no reason to take the other, older widgets away, just make the new "best of both worlds" widget the main/default widget but still offer the other two widgets for a total of three. Specifically, I use GTD and I want to make important notes always visible on my home screen. That's prime real estate, some non-Evernote widgets have to fit there too, and I just can't fit two vertical scrolling widgets in the space available without it feeling cramped and too small to read at a glance. Plus, I've grown to really like the height > width card style, aesthetically it marks nice a departure from the boring sameness of everything being a line item which was typical of the PDA era. Once you render a note with height > width, it visually make sense for it to be a horizontal scroller, sorta like the photo slide shows you see on flickr or well basically everywhere these days.
  2. The old "Saved Searches" view is gone! Yes, the new widget has a view called "shortcuts", but it just lists your shortcuts. The old widgets both supported a view (now called a "list option") that was called (IIRC) "Saved Searches", when you select it from the drop-down, another drop-down appears below it that lets you choose any of your saved searches, not just the ones that have been promoted to shortcuts. After you close the gear screen, the widget displays a list of notes that match the saved search you selected (not just a list of buttons that you have to press to see the search results). This "Saved Searches" view was an incredibly useful feature that IMO is pretty much mission critical for anyone using GTD & The Secret Weapon. For example, I used it to ensure that all notes from Actions Pending notebook tagged with 1-Now were always displayed card-style on a home screen widget.

Also a final note -- if they MUST force us to use the new widgets, and MUST take features away, warn us before making these changes live. Evernote puts so many useless (to me) pop-ups in their products, but not ONE of them warned me this change would be forced, and the old widgets obsoleted, on a certain date. I usually read newsletters, etc. and I don't remember seeing any warning there, either. Best practice is to mark the old widgets as depreciated/unsupported when the decision is made to stop updating them...but don't take them away unless/until they cause something else to break.




Which particular feature are you missing?  (I'm guessing 'dark theme',  but in which widget?  Or the main app?)


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Hi.  Have you checked the new widget settings?  There's a dark theme option at the bottom of the page...


I had checked the new widget settings, and just checked them again.  I do not have this option.  I'm using the 4x1 action bar.  The bottom of my screen only has a 'learn about more actions' link.  When I click 'done', I am taken out of Settings.  There is also no option to change widget themes in the Evernote app Settings.

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