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Only one new widget installed



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Installed the updates for EN and EN Widget this weekend on my Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. It seems a bit confusing - there don't appear to be any actual widgets that can be installed anymore; when I look at th e widgets screen on my device all the old EN widget s are flagged as unavailable (although they appear in the display of widgets on the device...)


I guess it's some sort of screen size thing - in my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 I get the ability to install a new EN "action bar" to replace the old widget...


And on the Galaxy S4 mini, there seems to be a problem to getting any selected action buttons to stick to the home screen...  Having installed 3 action buttons on my home screen I switched the device off overnight and this morning when I switched it on the 3 action buttons had disappeared.


Once upon a time we used to get explanations of how to use new/changed features, these days features get added or changed and are just rolled out to devices. It would be good to see some better explanation of new features rather than just let everyone run around trying to work out how to use them (or what they do).

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Following up my earlier post on the new widget/actions...


I uninstalled EN from my Galaxy S4 mini and then reinstalled the latest version. This time I found that the new EN action bar, EN list and EN action buttons had all appeared in the device's Widget section. So I now have a nice new shiny EN action bar on my home page and have managed to populate it with the 5 actions that I want, Not sure that setting the content of the action bar is particularly intuitive, but I seem to have managed it.


I guess the previous update from Google Play over the weekend didn't function correctly?


Still not certain about the separate 1x1 action buttons widget. Are you meant to be able to put instances of these on your home screen s or what exavtly?

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  • Evernote Employee

Hi folks. If you don't see the widgets please try the following:

- Reboot your device

- Check in the shortcuts section of your device (some devices place the widget in those sections)

- Re-install the app


If you still don't see the widget could you please reply with device model/make, OS and if you're using any special launchers?


AdmiralP - yes you can have as many 1x1 actions as you would like. 

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