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Popup Overlays in Notes

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Some of my notes are now obscured by popups, i.e., small overlays that stay in place as I scroll through a note. See attached screenshot. They only seem to be associated with Notes created from a web page. These popups display differently in Evernote for Windows and Evernote for the Mac. Needless to say they are an annoying interference with effective use of Notes. And they did not appear when the Note was first created and saved. Any ideas on how to get rid of them? Or how not to get them in the future?




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SVG files are (according to Google) Scalable Vector Graphics - image files - which doesn't help at all.  Not clear whether the option you're being offered is to download the file or report an error...  I can only suggest you raise a support request to see what Evernote thinks.  Basic users don't get email support,  but if you're Plus or Premium submit a request by choosing the appropriate option in the first dropdown after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action

All users can contact Twitter @Evernotehelps

In either case include the forum thread URL for extra background.

Premium / Business users also have access to a Chat option (7am-7pm PST weekdays) - click 'continue' on the support page after logging in.

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