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(Archived) Feature Request: Button Bar for Saved Searches

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Just an idea -

Over time, my saved search list is growing, and it's getting slower navigating through them to find the one I want.

Is it possible to have a button bar where we can put icons for our favourite saved searches? (On our desktop version of EN) Perhaps it could be one that people could have the option of turning off if they don't want to lose any screen real-estate.

I would envisage the saved search icons, when clicked, would add the relevant search criteria to the search box, in a cumulative sense, so that the search can be built on by clicking other icons. e.g. I could click on my To-Do icon, so see my To-Do tagged notes, then click on my "-tag:Done" search icon to remove those items that are completed. Some search criteria (buttons) such as "-tag:done" could be ones utilised against a number of searches such as for tags with "Projects", "meetings", "Phone Calls" etc and would come in really handy for sifting out the inactive items.

I am getting the impression that the EN guys are wanting us to utilize the 'saved search' feature more, however, these 'controls' are still located out of the way at the bottom of the left pane (I realise the others are collapsable) - it would seem to make more sense to move these controls further up the pane (or give us the option of moving it up ourselves - I know I've mentioned it before.....)

I just think that more 'focus' needs to be made on the Saved search items (Button bar icon shortcuts, move up the left pane) - if they're going to play a more dynamic role in accessing groups of notes.


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