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EN become very slow

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Running Version 6.1.1 on MacBookPro 2.8Ghz i7 with 16GB RAM


EN has become very slow... typing responses are slow, opening notes etc.  I use the work chat quite a lot and can't pin down if this is related to the slow behaviour.


It still syncs to my phone and ipad ok.. and all functions work. But is starting to become frustrating.


Anyone else having similar issues or shed any light on it?


Checked in Activity monitor and EN is using nearly 2GB RAM but very little CPU. Network activity is low, 



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OK.. an update


Quit EN and relaunched.. memory usage pretty low and static.


Started chat and with every message sent, memory usage jumps up but never drops again. in a dozen or so small text chat messages, it's already up to 500MB. So on this basis, having it constantly open and running chat can see how it can hit the 2GB mark - which might explain the slow behaviour

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another update.


Started running it all via EN on the web and it seemed better. A little slow on chat now and again.. but much better


i had one very long chat.. that spanned several months, with many shared notes.  Have now deleted that chat. EN is now running much faster again. While i didn't want to dump it, which means I no longer have the shared notes, the speed gain is worth the sacrifice. 


Maybe this helps you pin down the issue

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See a similar problem. Macbook Pro with Evernote 6.1.1 (latest version at this time) and my typing is really slow and laggy. Evernote is using >1GB of RAM.


On restart memory usage drops to 146MB (note also fewer notes are open) and lagginess seems to be gone (at least for now). Probably has <10 open originally.


Will report back if laginess returns as use continues.

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I have a similar problem. I most recently created a new note, and i have only uploaded 2 pdf files on it each about 0.7 to 0.8 MB and it has gotten extremely slow. When i type, the response is very slow and almost freezes the computer. I checked the activity monitor for CPU usage just while i was typing, and Evernote went from approximately 3% to 58% at one point. My MacBook Pro is an old one with 2.4 Ghz processor, but i don't have these problems with other applications. As a matter of fact as i am typing this message on Firefox, the %CPU usage for Firefox is hovering around 3% to 10%.  So i am thinking the issue is also related to the CPU usage.


I have only recently upgraded to the latest evernote version 6.1.1, since when the problem has started. I didn't have such problems with the older version, and i was working with notes that were about 10 times bigger in size than this. I hope evernote will come up with an update soon.

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Any status update on this? It's November, and still slow. I type a word and get the color wheel. Deleted my (two) chats, and still experiencing the problem. I believe this problem started in January with the 6.0 version (per older forums). What's the timeline look like for a solution here?

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EN Plus 6.1.1 on a MBP Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013 running OS X 10.11.1 is extremely slow today. Each character typed takes 1-2 seconds to appear. 

There are no chats. The new notes is just text. Other notes are mixtures of text with tables and pasted jpg files. They were all there yesterday when EN showed no signs of being slow.

EN menu access and switching between notes and notebooks works with no delay. Just typing in new text.

Other programs seem to operate just fine and the internet connection shows typical speeds.

What can I do to restore the EN function to the level I was accustomed to?

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