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Request: Evernote app for the Samsung Gear S2



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Well... if they are counting votes, I would also like a Gear S2 compatible Evernote app.

I have not seen other Evernote smartwatch implementations, but pushing notes to the watch (maybe via a special tag) would be very useful for me.




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Sometimes I think that Evernote focus all their efforts on Apple products. The best functionalities are included first in Apple and then for other operating systems. They are more features on Evernote for iOS than features on Android app (like Penultimate). I don't know why because all Evernote Premium users pay the same as Apple users.

Please develop the app for Tizen. I know that Samsung is selling smartwatches really well so there are no excuses.


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With Samsung rumoured to be thinking of basing its phones on something other than Android,  so they (Samsung) have total control over the OS,  you might get your wish (wonder which OS they'd choose?) - but I'd doubt it's going to happen anytime soon...

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