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Using content from a shared public link on a web page

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I'm wondering if there's a way to use the content from a shared public link on a web page.  Can I take the current text from my note and put it on my blog?  Would it update as I change the note in Evernote?  I've seen things like Pistachio that will do this for you but I'd rather do it manually and for free. 

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Hi.  Er,  no.  Unless your web page can somehow actively scrape the content of other pages (including the publicly linked note) into itself...  I've heard of embedding one web page into another with an "i-frame" but haven't seen how that's done.  The reason why there are specialist apps like postachio - haven't looked lately,  but I did think that was free up to a certain level...


There may be other Evernote-blog integrations - I've also seen Noteworthy mentioned here...

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