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Windows Desktop platform -Feature request



Windows Desktop---Really need to be able to  Sort by --Modification date for notebooks.




Browsing available notebooks only shows three (3) recent  notebooks. This should be extended to see a greater number of recent notebooks.

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On your first request - can you clarify what you're wanting that's distinct from the current "Sort Notes By > Updated"?



On your second request - you can modify the number of notebooks shown in the Recent list by editing this registry value:


You'll need to exit and restart Evernote for a change here to take effect.

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1.  Currently you can sort by in windows version--Name, Owner or Note count.  I am hoping to see updated or modification date added to this  sort by option.


2. Thank you for suggestion, however this does not increase the number of notebooks in the recent area



RECENT                            ***** here is where I would like to see more than three recents appear


ZXY Project                                          AV3                               16 notes

YTY Project                                          AV3                               24 notes

FTI Project                                            AV3                               10 notes



YOUR LIST    (686)                                                                                                                                                                  Sort By:   name, owner, note count   ----* Here date modified would be great


123aqbc                                                  AV3                           19 notes


999 asd




Did this clarify ?

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Yes - we were talking about two different aspects of the UI.  I was referring to the main Notes listing - where you are looking at a list of notes; you were talking about the Notebooks pane, when you click on Notebooks in the left panel and get a list of notebooks.  As you've observed, my responses are not applicable to the Notebooks pane, sorry!

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Ok. I appreciate the response.  My understanding is that on a Mac you are able to sort by date updated or modified, so I am not sure why on the windows desktop you can not do the same.

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You're right, I just checked and the Mac does have a Date Updated sort option on its Notebooks pane.  (It may be that it was added not too long ago and Windows will catch up, as the clients are developed pretty much independently from one another.)

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