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Feature suggestion: Being able to create notebooks from shortcut sidebar and directly in stacks.



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I disagree with your Twitter comment that "Many guides stress that a really good way to user evernote is to make lots of notebooks and continually reorganize."


It is my experience using Evernote for the past 7 years and reading this users' forum almost daily that many users have found the opposite to be true. Evernote operates better with fewer notebooks. Notebooks which cover broad categories with tags handling the specifics. These notebooks become static and seldom change.


I believe Evernote feels the same. They have a limit of 250 notebooks, but allow 10,000 tags. I doubt they will develop a method that encourages constant reorganization of notebooks and stacks.

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+1 for this. I'm really surprised that you can't create a notebook right from the sidebar menu. Switching contexts to go to the notebooks screen each time I want to create a notebook or I want to move around a notebook between stacks is really painful, and completely unnecessary. Whether you're using tags or stacks/notebooks as your way of organizing, creating a notebook from the sidebar is basic functionality. 

It's about time Evernote innovated on the UI...

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