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Evernote buttons on CarHome Ultra

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I am trying to find a way of launching the "Audio Note" function from CarHome Ultra which is an app on my android mobile phone for use when driving (large buttons etc. connects to bluetooth speaker). I would like to be able to lauch the Audio Note from here so I can record notes when I think of them as I am driving. At the momnet I can create a button which launches Evernote but not this particular note type directly.


Many thanks on any thoughts on doing this (or if it has already been discussed)


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Hi.  Could you create a button to start another audio app like Voice Recorder and save the files?  At the end of your car journey you could transfer those files to Evernote.  Can't think of a way to start a specific note...

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What you could do is set Google Now's "Make a Note" function point to Evernote. I think you can then set one of the buttons to start the voice recognition feature.

Workflow would be something like this:


* Press Voice Recognition Button

* Speak "Make a note. <note here>"


The note would then be transcribed, and saved to your default notebook. The only real downside to that is it always saves the note with the title of Note to Self.

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