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finding and changing username and password

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I cannot sync the info from my computer to my i-Phone bacause it appears that I have created two different accounts by mistake... ! I want to keep only one, but can't find the login info for any of them. 


On the phone, I see that my username is my email, immea@yahoo.com


On the computer, when I go to "account info", I only see "Email notes to: alina2mihai.401f280@m.evernote.com"


The account I want to keep is the one I am logged in on my computer, because it has most of my files... 


Would love some help with this!!


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If you didn't store it somewhere you may have a problem - use the Support link in my signature to request some assistance - choose "login/account access issue" in the first dropdown after clicking 'continue as guest'.  Quote your correct email address in the support request. 


I didn't notice before,  but this is a public forum and you've given us all an email address we can use to create new notes in your account ( ***@m.evernote.com in two posts above).  Please edit the posts and delete that address or you might get lots of new (and unwanted) notes!

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That's just silly! In all programs and apps that I know there is a way to see or retrieve your username! :(


I don't see a drop-down menu when I click on "support request". It just takes me to a login page where I have to enter username and password...


I am not concerned with people using that email, it's the least of my worries right now.

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