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So if I was going to track an item that was categorized by both a set and an ID number what would be the best tagging system involved? Keep in mind that the same ID number can be used ONCE per set. So you could have an item with an ID of 03 but only once in a set... like in my example below.



Item ABC > Set 02 > ID 03

Item AFD > Set 05 > ID 09

Item DJR > Set 10 > ID 03


I'm currently tagging them with a tag like sot "ID 009" and "ID 010" and so on... but that doesn't "FEEL" right...

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randomblink - 


I'm not sure how you might define "best" when it comes to a tagging system. I'm not sure what your greater than signs (>) are meant to imply in your syntax. You didn't give an estimate of how many different Sets and IDs there might eventually be (volume might be a critical issue).


However, a couple approaches come to mind:

  1. Tag each Item with one tag that has this syntax: SetxxIDyy, where xx and yy are digits.
  2. Tag each item with two tags. One that has this syntax: Setxx and the other has the syntax IDyy.

(I highly suggest you drop the blank spaces in your tags. Blanks can cause complications in some situations.)


An advantage of the first approach is that it is a little easier to specify which Tag you want to use to select Notes.


An advantage of the second approach is that it allows you to select only those Notes with ID03, regardless of what value they have for Set.


You'll need to try out these two approaches to determine which you believe might be "best" for you.


I hope you find my response to be helpful.

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