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Penultimate document recovery after iPad restore

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Dear Evernote,


I like your app, and using it extensively and was about to become premium. so far I was using Penultimate only locally on my iPad. 

Last week I had to make a backup restore to my iPad and all of my notes in penultimate went blank. I see the circle of notebooks, even all the notes, however with a bank front page and not able to open any of them. 

I have not sync them into evernote yet, as I just wanted to become a premium member. 


I tried all potential solutions, several backup restore of my iPad in various ways. I read the before iPad 8.3 it was possible to access the data related to an app. I see on my iPad the 140 MB of documents and data, however it is not working in the app. 


Please help!


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Unfortunately iTunes sometimes fails to properly restore devices. We recommend syncing to Evernote and/or backing up .pen files to a cloud storage provider like Dropbox.

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