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MAC PROBLEM - Copying and pasting into gmail (with examples)

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I have a Macbook Air. I use evernote on the web (not the app), gmail and webmail daily.


Each day for work, I type up all of my progress using the checkmark bullet to note if a task has been completed.  When I go to send this to my boss at the end of day, I copy and paste it and it looks like this (same as it does in evernote):


Sample task 1
     Sample task 2
sample task 3
     sample task 4
HOWEVER, when it sends the email - those checkboxes disappear and my progress report now is just a list of things with no notes on progress or anything.
If I paste and match style, it does this (which is not helpful at all):
SubmitSample task 1
     SubmitSample task 2
Submitsample task 3
     Submitsample task 4
I previously used a pc, and copying and pasting was great. I would copy from evernote and then paste as plain text directly into my email message (be it gmail or webmail) and it would appear like this:
[X]sample task 1 
     [X]Sample task 4
[X] sample task 3
     [X]sample task 4


Why doesn't this happen with a mac?  Is there a work around similar to paste as plain text that will give me the [X] bullets?  This is very frustrating.  evernote was perfect, now since this function doesn't even work with a mac it seems pretty useless and is more frustrating than just creating a word doc in the first place.


Please advise.

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Hi.  Evernote's most recent beta release might explain some of that for you - see here:  - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88677-evernote-for-mac-62-beta-1-released/


The short form seems to be that editors have differed - as you've seen- from one OS to another,  but Evernote have now found a way to fix that.  Coming shortly to a Mac near you...  hopefully...

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