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the resolution sucks


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Anyone knows why the resolution of beta 9 does not fit the FHD screen? It is uncomfortable using evernote on a 1920*1080 display. I thought the biggest highlight of beta 8 was making the resolution fit the screen. Why the update made the product worse?

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Sorry - forgot the Forum search-foo is a mystical art..

If you have major problems and can't find any other way to resolve them,  one possible fix is to use EN Web.  Viewing the page in a web browser means you should be able to zoom the screen as required,  using the browser controls (usually Ctrl+ "+" or "-").

In the installed versions,  Mac users have a fairly easy ride,  since the display size is handled by the OS.  In Windows,  the display is handled by the application software - which in this case would have to be rewritten from scratch to include HD displays.  Rewrites may be under way,  but nothing is known about release timescales.

It may also be possible to use Simplify or Remove Formatting to allow the existing display handler to resize standard text.

Evernote explanations - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/44722-feature-request-support-for-high-resolution-displays-in-windows-8/?p=349244

Interim Fix - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/44722-feature-request-support-for-high-resolution-displays-in-windows-8/?p=332203


One possible work-around - find Evernote.EXE and Right-click > Properties
There's a "Disable DPI Scaling" option on the Compatibility tab.

Not a perfect answer as it wastes a lot of screen space. But it may at least be usable.

EN 5.8.4 allegedly 'fixed' HD problems,  although (apparently) what's happened is that Evernote no longer lies to Windows to say it supports HD displays.  So Windows scales the display appropriately - which gives a fuzzy look to the screen.  A full HD fix really means rewriting substantial chunks of the code,  so it's a choice between some fuzz,  or a workaround.

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