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Optimize Evernote database ?

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yesterday i tried to add many archives files in my Evernote but i had forgotten that it would fill my main hard drive. Which is almost full.

It crashed because it had not enough space.


So i remove the 5GB i had added but it seems Evernote database is still very big. Bigger than before.


Is there a way to clean/optimize the Evernote database in order to really delete the files from the main hard drive and have the cleanest database possible ? I'm sure it kept something somewhere because when i deleted and removed from trash the 5GB, my disk space did not change.



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Unlike the EN Win client, Evernote has never offered us any database tools for EN Mac.

They may have some, but they have not been made public if so.


So, I see these choices for you:

  1. Contact EN Support and ask them your question
    1. EN Support Ticket (requires Premium account for this type of ticket)
    2. Twitter
  2. Clean reinstall of EN Mac (will remove all Evernote related files)
    1. Make sure you export to ENEX all Local Notebooks and unsync'd Notes first
    2. Confirm all your Notes are sync'd to the EN Cloud using the EN Web client at Evernote.com
    3. See How to Completely Remove and Reinstall EN Mac 

 Submit an EN Support Ticket 


Since Evernote now is providing official support to all users via Twitter, you might post your request on Twitter @evernotehelps.  It might also be good to include a link back to your post here.

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Thanks for your message


I have created my ticket to the support.


I find it strange that there are no option to fix the database on Mac but it's not the first time i'm surprised by the lack of professional features in Evernote :)


If i have no good answer from the support I'll try a remove and fresh reinstall. I'm sure it will fix the issue but it's quite big procedure for such a small thing



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