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Notenooks disappearing in Penultimate

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I just started using Penultimate and Evernote today. I created notebooks in Evernote, but they weren't displaying in Penultimate. So I deleted them in Evernote and recreated them in Penultimate, and they synced over to Evernote. So far, so good. Then I went back to Evernote and moved some previously created notes into the notebooks I created. But when I go back to Penultimate, the notebooks are gone. Does anyone know what the problem is? From what I'm seeing on this forum, Penultimate has tons of bugs and problems. I'm wondering if I should just scrap the whole idea of using these two apps.

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  • Evernote Employee

Penultimate can only open notes created in Penultimate, so any notebooks that do not contain these notes are hidden in the app's interface.


If you use the Evernote app to create a notebook and move a Penultimate note into it, that notebook should appear when you sync Penultimate. Likewise, if you create a notebook in Penultimate, you should be able to use Evernote to add any other notes to it. It should remain visible in Penultimate as long as it contains at least one Penultimate note. We understand that this can be confusing and are looking into more intuitive solutions for future releases.



Does this address your issue?

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You can't add drawings to an Evernote note directly from Penultimate, though once a Penultimate note has synced to Evernote you should be able to save images of individual pages and use them in any notes you want.



Would it solve your use case if you could highlight a selection in Penultimate, copy it, and paste it as an image in Evernote?

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i am not sure if this was answered but everything i have was created in evernote, over 500 notes and 50 notebooks. Nothing exists in penultimate but i'd like them all to.

Do I copy all notes from Evernote and paste them into penultimate as new notes so they sync? Is that what i must do everytime i create a new note from evernote wanting it to be linked to penultimate for editing or adding new content? Seems to be inefficient. Is this an issue/fix being worked on for ability to sync going forward? and possibly eliminate need to copy content started in evernote and wanting to be available in Penultimate? Just bot a jot script 2 and was excited to be able to use it for productivity.

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On 9/23/2015 at 1:31 PM, Garrett said:

Likewise, if you create a notebook in Penultimate, you should be able to use Evernote to add any other notes to it.

Syncing PU notes with my Evernote Notebooks is key for me but very clunky in practice.  As I describe here I don't think it is possible to sync Evernote notes within PU notebooks as suggested in this quote from Garrett.  Garrett please correct me if I'm wrong?

The only way to sync PU notes within Evernote notebooks is to start by creating a PU notebook that does not exist in Evernote and write the note there.  After you create a new PU note that you want to link to an Evernote notebook that is not yet listed in PU, you must then make sure you sync PU, head over to Evernote, sync Evernote, find the PU notebook and note and then reassign the note within Evernote to the notebook you desire.   When you sync Evernote again the Evernote notebook you assigned the PU note to will then show-up within your PU notebooks and you're set moving forward - at least for that notebook.
I am "all-in" with Evernote and for the most part with PU but I have to say this process seems completely nuts.  We know that PU can "see" your evernote notebooks because when you try to create a notebook within PU that has the same name it shoots and error saying the notebook already exists (in evernote - NOT in PU).  So the big problem is that you cannot just go ahead and select the Evernote notebook you want to sync with PU in the first place - as part of the PU create new notebook dialogue.  
I think this last point also gets at what others in this thread are requesting re: bringing over their Evernote notebooks / notes into PU.  Per the quote from Garrett above though - as far as I can tell you can NOT use a notebook created within PU or otherwise synced with PU from within Evernote to add other evernote notes to PU for written annotation or whatever.  I've tried this a few different ways and do not think PU will display an Evernote note - am I wrong about that?
Of course you could create an image / screenshot of a note or anything else and bring that into a PU note for mark-up, but that is different than being able to sync PU annotations within evernote notes..
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