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Feature Request: Include Search, remove Chat in iOS widget



Or at least an icon I can tap that will automatically place my cursor in the search bar when I open Evernote. It's more for convenience, but it would save me a few precious seconds.


Also, add the ability to remove the "chat" icon from the quick buttons. I never use it and it's annoying that I have a useless button there when I could have one for an audio recording or something else.

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Yes. I just want the ability to begin a search from the iOS "today" widget.

Ohhh... I gotcha.


That's called the Notification Center, and yes - I agree.  This would be very useful.  If Evernote gets on the ball with iOS9, I would assume that functionality would be (or at least easily could be) implemented in conjunction with the inclusion of EN results in Spotlight search.  EN has stated that this will come with their iOS9 update.

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