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Penultimate 6.1.2 Released



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Hi all,


We released Penultimate 6.1.2 to the App Store earlier today.


This release contains better zoom box controls, the ability to save higher image resolution notes in Evernote, and some fixes for iOS 9 issues.


What's new in 6.1.2:

  • Zoom box
    • Scaling: drag the bottom right corner of the zoom box at the top to zoom in further (smaller zoom box) or zoom out (larger zoom box)
    • Speed controls: when drift is turned on, tap the "-" button to slow it down or the "+" button to speed it up - speed increments from 1 to 9
    • Drag to close: drag the center/resize button all the way down to close the zoom box - it will remember the last size used the next time you open it
    • Focus will snap to edge of page and not traverse pages in vertical scrolling mode
  • Higher resolution notes in Evernote
    • Some notes, especially with narrow lines / text don't look as good as expeced when viewed in Evernote. This feature will enable higher resolution images for notes viewed in Evernote.
    • To enable, go to Settings > More settings > General > Notes Upload to Evernote in HD > On
    • Note: this will increase the size of every new and edited note synced with Evernote and will affect monthly upload quota usage
  • Additional updates
    • iOS 9 importing from Dropbox fixed
    • Improvements to sync conflicts when modifying notes on multiple devices

Please let us know what you think.

You can download the Penultimate app from the App Store.
You can order the Jot Script 2 Evernote Edition Stylus from the Evernote Market.
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The penultimate writing experience continues to improve. The stylised ink is more attractive and the speed of capture is getting better - could be faster though. The app still needs significant improvements in both file structure (better replicating Evernote's - perhaps even importing the Evernote structure) and security. How long before we can have touch ID!? I (like many I imagine) use this as a business tool and need to keep notes secure - typing the code in in front of clients requires a moment of mistrust between us!

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I just downloaded Evernote and Penultimate yesterday. My Evernote Notebooks are not displayed in Penultimate, even though they were created there. That makes no sense to me, and renders Penultimate pretty-much useless. I posted in the help forum, but have had no response there.

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I just updated my iPad 2 to iOS 9 and now I am unable to copy a note in Penultimate and paste in an email. The "select, " "select all" is there but no "paste," There's now "quote level" and "add attachments" which, btw, only allows from iCloud or Dropbox.....what to do??

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