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View as attachment feature not working

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I am experiencing this bug as well. A work around I have found in Wondws, is to double-click the image in order to view it. Copy the image from Windows Image Viewer and then paste it into the Note. Now the image is inline.

Not ideal.

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I know your title says Group: Evernote Employee, but I assure you I was able to do it before after dragging and dropping. It stopped working after a patch.


Fortunately I found a workaround: Rather than dragging and dropping, I if I right click copy, then right click paste into Evernote, it will remain an icon. If that didn't work, I don't know what I would do, because it is really important for me to be able to view as attachment rather than in line, in most cases.

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I've always believed that images were displayed and couldn't be marked as an attachment.  I did try using Shift and dragndrop which is an option to drop a selected file item as an attachment,  but that doesn't work with either JPG or PNG files - they come up as a picture,  with the 'view as attachment' option greyed out.  I also tried the copy and paste option - which gets me a picture,  not an icon...  The only way AFAIK to get a picture to display as an icon is to change the file extension so Evernote doesn't realise it's a picture (it doesn't read the file to check).  Some picture editors are smart enough though to load the file regardless.  FWIW.

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1 hour ago, Mirv said:

This functionality is still buggy. Sometimes PDFs come into the note inline, sometimes as attachments. Sometimes it works to check/uncheck the Tools > options > pdf inline setting.

Can you tell whether there is any difference with regard to content or format between the inline and attachment PDFs? For instance, PDFs containing images or tables or something?

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