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Evernote Disabled our Business Account and we are dead in the water!

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I have been in contact with Evernote Support team about a credit card that they couldn't seem to process. Tried contacting them took days to respond tried there recommendations but now its too late and our account got disabled this morning. Trying to contact someone at support but apparently they close on weekends... Why would you ever disable peoples accounts without them being able to contact you?! 


Our team of 19 Scientist is dead in the water not being able to access any of our data! Tried to then use my own personal credit card this morning to update the billing information and well I can't see the admin panel anymore.... 


Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this resolved? 


I feel this is just totally unacceptable. Certainly a reason to go back to an era where we host our own data internally .... 



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I'll flag this for an employee to look at, but you are correct they do close at the weekend.

Personally, I wouldn't ever trust an organisation with all my corporate data that I couldn't call up.

Post your ticket number in here and it may help to expedite things.

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