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Help with Skitch + Evernote

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I teach a graphic novels course. We have access to digital copies of the books and I am using skitch to have my students annotate the graphic novels as they read. Super convenient resource. Skitch saves everything through their evernote accounts (super annoying, by the way; otherwise they have to save the note one item at a time... very time consuming). Once saved, it shows a lovely screen with all the screenshots they've taken and annotated. Unfortunately I have not found a convenient way for them to zip those files up and send them to me for grading. I know I can dive into application support and then they can pull the files one by one... but come on, really? Why in the world can't they just highlight all the images shown and drop them in a zip folder for sending to our common drive location?? Am I missing something? Why is it such a tedious act to move something back out of evernote? Drag and drop is so commonplace... just... why?


And fast, convenient route that won't take a bunch of classtime each day to accomplish would be appreciated!

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This is the user forum,  not a direct route to Evernote,  so if you're looking for some reassurance - or even a fix - I'd suggest you explore the various support options - see my sig below.  There's also an educational forum where you;re probably more likely to run across others with similar use cases... https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/244-evernote-for-educators/

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