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The note link refers to a note that no longer exists


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this is what I want to do:


- send note link via Skype from my windows PC to colleague and let him open it in Windows Desktop version of Evernote NOT in browser


I have found out that to do that I need to send classic note links.

I also know that to send classic note links to select note, hold down CTRL go to Note>copy note link and paste it to skype.

Great so far! but when my colleague puts link in browser and tries to open it with EV desktop,  he gets "The note link refers to a note that no longer exists" error.


Can you help me with this error?


BTW I have found this thread about the error https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/53739-the-note-link-refers-to-a-note-that-no-longer-exists-error/?locale=en


It looks like similar error which was waiting to be fixed.


PS: Evernote is most useful app I use most frequently and makes my work much more fun! THANKS!!! :)




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