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What do you think of whatever Apple announced?

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I know this is an Android forum, but I'm interested to hear your thoughts on whatever Apple announced.

Here's mine.

iPhone 6S: Kinda called it. Expected hardware upgrades though 3D Touch and the new camera do interest me quite a bit. Will be interesting to see how well the 6S holds up against hero Android devices. nhac chuong iphone

iPad Pro: It's really big. Actually, I kinda dig it. Might replace my iPad 3 "Potato" with this one. But that price, though. 

Apple Pencil: It's a stylus for the iPad Pro that goes for $100. Yeah, it's overpriced (like any Apple accessory), but I think it does signal one thing. That the S Pen has not gone unnoticed.

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Apple - expensive but stylish;  Android - not as expensive,  pretty stylish and it works...

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Apple - expensive but stylish; Android - not as expensive, pretty stylish and it works...

... Except when it doesn't.

My Nexus 4 was inexpensive, and it isn't bad looking. But...

It wants to download and install the 5.1.1(?) update, and nags me to do it, but no matter how many times I install it, it apparently fails. Or, just wants to do it again for fun. So, that is just a permanent "feature" of my notifications.

The on/off switch sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't.

The camera is sometimes blurry, sometimes, off color, and sometimes black (night photos).

I miss my iPhone, but 1,000+ for an unlocked iPhone is crazy. That's almost as much as my Macbook!!

Remember the days when we didn't have mobile phones, and didn't need to walk around with a 1000 dollar gadget in our pockets? Sure, we couldn't check Facebook (no Internet), but I don't think my life is 1000 dollars better with a phone. It's become a necessity, though, and we have to make our yearly tithe to the tech deities.

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With the Note 5, Surface Pro and equally powerful and cheaper custom computers, who cares?     

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