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Cannot clip Facebook threads using Clipper in Safari 8.0.8


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Hello, I am a brand new Evernote user.


My web clipper hangs whenever I try to capture a Facebook thread.  I see the spinning icon but nothing happens, even after a long wait.  I am logged into Evernote itself, and I can clip other websites (the few I’ve tried outside of Facebook.)


Evernote Version 6.1.1 (downloaded from EverNote today)

Safari Version 8.0.8 

Evernote Web Clipper:  Installed in Safari (downloaded this morning from  EverNote site; it said it is for Safari) 


Can anyone please suggest a solution?  Thank you.

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Hi.  Evernote commented some time ago that there was an issue in clipping from Safari,  and I've not seen any comment that this has been fixed - but equally I've not seen any complaints about it either (apart from yours) for some time..


First suggestion would be:  can you use Evernote Clearly (another browser add-in) to go to the same page and clip,  or could you use another browser like Chrome to use Clipper or Clearly to test?  -Some pages do have content that (for reasons best known to their creators) are protected against effective clipping.


If all else fails,  try tweeting @EvernoteHelps - include this forum URL - for more assistance.

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If you try to clip the entire newsfeed you are unlikely to succeed. The best advice I have is to open the individual post you want to clip (f.a.e by clicking on the timestamp of the post) and then start the clipper and clip ass 'full page'. Works fine in our testing on Safari 8.0.8

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Thank you, gazumped and jbignert for your replies!


It is encouraging to hear jbignert successfully uses Clipper in Safari 8.0.8!  I am puzzled, as I follow your instructions but hit a snag.........

I first click the timestamp in Facebook for the individual thread I want to clip.  Next, I click the little (share?) box near top-right of screen (the box with a little arrow sticking out), which opens a dropdown menu, where I select "Evernote."  I see no options at all----no "clip as full page"----I just see the little rotating circle (which never stops!), the name of what I'm trying to capture, and the option to cancel!   

I went into Safari and verified that "Evernote Web Clipper" is installed.  I downloaded it yesterday.  Any possibility it's the wrong download?  Where do I select "clip as   full page?"      Thanks in advance!

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gazumped, For simplicity of my software configuration, I'll first try to resolve this in Safari with Clipper, as jbignert succeeds with those.  My system and equipment are brand new, so I am hopeful there is a simple resolution.  I'll keep in mind your suggestions, much appreciated!

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@Bug - based on your description you are using the Share extension from Evernote. The Web Clipper is a browser extension installed separately from www.evernote.com/webclipper


Please confirm if you are 100% you have this product installed in Safari, it will add a button to Safari's toolbar. 

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Exactly!  Yesterday or so, the little Evernote elephant-head icon suddenly appeared at the top of my Safari screen, and it remains there!  Clicking it reveals the little gear icon that offers choices how to clip!  


I still haven't identified how to clip the url only.  Maybe select it, copy and paste?


BTW my Evernote app had been jammed, sort of frozen; I don't know if that was the problem, but now it is working!  Thank you jbignert!

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