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Images in Evernote

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Until I upgraded to this newest version, if I had an image in a note (which I have in almost every note), if I wanted to move it up or down to put text before it, all I had to do was put my cursor to the left or right of the image and then hit return or delete.  Now for some reason I can not do this. I have to delete the image and put my cursor where it needs to be and then reload the image.  Clicking on the image only brings up the annotate button.

This is very frustrating.  I hope it is fixed soon, or is there a way to revert back to the version I was using?

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Hi.  I can right click the image (in Windows) to select it,  hit Esc to get rid of the Annotate window if it appears,  then tap right-arrow or left-arrow to put the cursor that side of the image,  and enter/ return to make a space.  Not an issue that I'm aware of...

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