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2nd, 3rd, ... audio recording done with external app only



It seems only the first audio recording is done with the (seemingly) internal audio recorder. If I attach a second recording, the phone asks wich app I want to start. Why? Even if I add an app as default audo recorder, I need a couple of extra taps to start recording...

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Hi.  When I add to a recording in Evernote I can edit the note,  tap the paperclip to add an asset,  and start an audio recording by tapping the option.  No choices offered.  How do you add a recording?

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Hi. OK, it is my fault. In the meantime I found that the menu offered after tapping the paperclip has "Attach" options at the top and "Create" options under them. Unfortunately, the light blue text of "Attach" and "Create" blends in partly with the dark grey background, so in direct sunlight they are almost invisible. So I guess once I selected (half blind) the first available audio option which turned out to be "Attach audio" instead of "Record audio", and this option got displayed in the toolbar at the top since then. And since I rarely add anything else than audio notes, this icon was not changed. So I thought wrongly that the build-in audio recorder (and its microphone icon) was removed at an update of the app...

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