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How to find out if a web page has been saved in evernote?





I want to find out if a web page has been saved in evernote or not? I used clearly but the related searches does not come up in the first click. It usually takes multiple clicks to list the related searches.


My Use case is as follows


All my bookmarks are stored in pinboard.

I highlight the text and then save the entire article in evernote.
Now when I open the webpage at a later time, I want to see the highlights. Currently I click on clearly to see if that page comes up in related searches or not. Is there a way to directly open the saved web page in evernote?




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The only way you know for sure that the web page has been successfully clipped is to open Evernote, either the web client or the app on one of your devices.


AFAIK, Evernote does not give you any indication that a web page has been previously clipped, when you return to the web page.

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