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Unable to delete some content in a Note created using sharing to Evernote in a Flipboard article



On android devices (Samsung S4 and Tablet) I often use Flipboard to get my topical news. If there is something I want to remember I use it's internal sharing function to save the content to a notebook in Evernote. The sharing works fine however often the articles contain advertisement graphics and or photo's and video's of similar articles at the bottom. This results in the Evernote copy of the Flipboard article being abnormally large since it contains all these graphics, photo's and videos in a addition to the actual article content but not Evernote's fault. 


The problem however comes when I go into the Evernote and try to deleted the superfluous content the editor will not let me. I have tried it on both Android devices and via Windows versions. It is as if some of these graphics, photos and videos have a property that the editor can not deal with, so I can't select and delete it.  Ironically the editor lets me delete the content I want to keep but not the content I want to get rid of. This results in an article that would use only a few K taking up many megabytes. 


Has anyone else found this to be true and or a way around it? I realize I can view the article in Flipboard in a browser session and then select only the content I want and then save the selected content to Evernote but that is more time consuming and sometimes I just want to save the content quickly and go back and review it later. 



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Hi.  If you review the content and decide the clip isn't worth keeping,  I assume you delete it;  which solves one part of the problem.  If you review and keep,  would it be feasible to copy and paste the required content into a new note then?  Can't comment on why the pages won't allow editing,  but that might be a viable workaround..

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