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Web clipper using another user email address on clipped website articles

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Hey Everyone,


I had Evernote basic, our church upgraded to Premium for one year in which I added to new Basic users to the premium account. We did not use it like we thought we would so we allowed the premium subscription to lapse. Even before that that though I had this problem. When I clip something with the web clipper it says that another user added the clipping to the account when I know that I did. I also added some business cards via my phone and they were still associated with other users account. This premium account was originally mine and is in my name and email. I can't find his email associated with it anywhere in the account settings etc. The only reason it knows that email that I can think of is that I shared certain notebooks with him. since beginning this post I deleted him as a user of that notebook and then added a clipping. The clipping is there but is not showing up at all in the activity log. Any ideas? Does it just need some time?


Thanks for the help,

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Hi.  The only way that I can think of for Evernote to become confused in this way would be for the browser to be signed in to this other users' account.  Did that user have access to the device and browser you're using?  If you click on the 'blinds' icon (several horizontal lines) you should see who's connected with the browser.  If you see someone else's email address there,  click on the address to be able to log it out.

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Thanks for the reply. I looked in the bars and do not see anyone's address but I am pretty sure I am the only one signed in because I use Chrome and so all my google accounts and pushbullet stuff are linked together. If he was signed in somehow I think I would notice it elsewhere too. From what I can tell I fixed the issue but I had to unshare the notebook with that person and now it just does not say who put the clipped files into the notebook. I assume that is because there is no one else is linked to the account so it is obviously the owner of the account.


Hopefully this helps someone else and this is just an anomaly.


Thanks again for replying



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