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Is it possible to change widget font size?

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Hi.  I have Evernote's large widget which shows snippet views of 4/5 notes and allows me to scroll up/ down for more.  There's only a top line of icons for various optional functions,  and the box is resizeable over quite a range of home page rows.  Other than that,  what you (currently) see is pretty much all there is...

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Do you know if Evernote plans on building in more functionalities into the widget to allow something like that. I have rather acute vision (I must wear bifocals, which greatly improves my ability to read small text), and the current format doesn't have enough space to include a much data as I'd like. Decreasing font size would be a huge improvement for me

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recently I have chnage my note to onenote from evernote. I can't read the note from evernote because of its small fontsie.

I have tried to change to fontsize on the text but I have failed. And then I have to find another one which can change the fontsize.

So I would like to ask for you something chnagable and colorful font. How do you thik about it?

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