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hard to position a cursor to the end of a note if there is a link



Hello, I am using evernote and I like it a lot. Today I stumbled on a problem though. I typed something on a pc and the last thing I added was some URL. Then I opened that note on a phone, clicked edit and I was unable to move the friking cursor to the end because the link kept activating and opening a browser :-] Even when there was a half of a screen width white space after the link and I was tapping into it it was all the time registered by the link. Please fix this so I can continue editing a note on a phone from its end and not be blocked by a link ;)

Later I found out there is a way to get to the end if I tap before the link and then tap and hold and wait for zoom function to activate and then move the cursor behind the link. But that is not intuitive at all.

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