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Sharing Note Online, Words Split At Line Ends

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I've just developed  problem which i can't get to the bottom of. I'm pasting plain text into an Evernote note, all hard line breaks etc. have been removed, the content is pure simple plain text, about two pages and a number of paragraphs.


The text pastes in just fine and in the note everything wraps properly and looks exactly as it should, all good so far.


However, if I share that note online so that some folks can read it the words at some of the line ends are are split so that say the word "sausage" might have the letters "sau" at the end of a line and then the letters "sage" would be on the next line.


This makes it very difficult to read and it looks just terrible, how do I stop this happening? I've never seen this behaviour before. My OS and version of Evernote are both up to date.





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Hi @WendyP 828,

Thanks for the screenshot and additional information; it really helps. Are you seeing this only on your Mac desktop app or do you see it on other Evernote apps too (be sure to check online at Evernote.com)? What version of the Mac app are you using? You can check this by going to Evernote > About Evernote.

This is content that was copied and pasted from another location, correct? If so, where was it copied from? Are you able to reproduce the issue when copying from the same place?


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