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Constantly quitting unexpectedly

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For this type of problem, sometimes a simple reinstall of the app will fix the problem.

This should not affect any of your Notes or other data.

But if you have any Local Notebooks, you might want to export them to ENEX files just to be safe.


To reinstall the app, see Evernote KB Article: How do I uninstall and reinstall Evernote [App]?


Sorry, overlooked you have already tried reinstall.

So, If that does not work then you may need to do a clean reinstall.


See How to Completely Remove and Reinstall EN Mac 

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Thanks for the advice. I get as far as step 2 but holding down the option key doesn't reveal the an "open database folder" link?



Just tried it, and it is still working for me:


did you display the "About Evernote" window BEFORE pressing & holding the OPTION key?


Could be that it will not display the database location until you sign in, which you are unable to do.


So, If you don't have any local notebooks, or unsync'd Notes, then just skip to Step #10:

If you want to make sure that Evernote has been completely removed from your Mac, you can use a 3rd party app like AppDelete

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