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Please tell me when you find out.


Endless scrolling to find a notebook? REALLY? How 1998 of you, Evernote. 


Evernote now looks like a Windoze file directory tree. Gaaaah. Awful. For those whose learning / processing style is visual which is the majority of the population, ICONS are a helpful guide. LISTS are very secondarily useful. Yet, Evernote seems to have eliminated the "notebook" graphic and the ability to drag and drop notebook icons into a stack. Again, one more reason so many users seem to be questioning the validity of the program. It seems that the designers and developers don't actually use the product. If they did, they might understand why so many seem frustrated with non-intuitive changes like these. 


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The latest update changed the view for the stacks (Mac) from multi-column to single column. This sucks! I need to scroll down every time to find a stack. How can I go back to my multi-column view?

yes. we met the same problem. but until now don´t know how to solve it.

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I was just added to a business account, and now it appears I'm being forced into this notebook list view! And what's worse, my personal notebooks are now in list view (and yes, the option is unchecked in Preferences).

This almost makes Evernote unusable, I have way too many notebook/stacks to navigate this way.

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