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(Archived) Sync Failure: Unexpected transfer error - any fix?



Good Morning,

I love Evernote and am a firm believer in the product. I use it daily on my MAC, my PC at work and my PC laptop. In the very near future, I want to promote your product with my business. I have made suggestions on how to IMPROVE Evernote and so I am a satisfied customer.

I am having just a few issues and need to know...Is there any fix for the SYNC FAILURE error when working in a MAC evernote account? I started receiving this error two-three weeks ago and yes, I read the other topics and was successful in emailing the erring notes (that would not sync) to be myself so they could get back in sync. I had to do this on multiple occasions this past week on my MAC.

What happened today to make me go the route of REBUILDING the local database on the MAC... I am re-organizing notes inside of evernote and so I moved quite a few notes from one folder to another on my WINDOWS laptop evernote account, I happened to notice that the MAC evernote would not SYNC up. Manual sync on the MAC caused the error. I did not want to email notes since there would be too many to email.

I am currently rebuilding the database on my MAC as suggested in previous threads. This can be very time consuming if you have a lot of notes (and I do), nevermind the space issue on your drives if you move your database out of the library/application support folder onto your desktop. Mine was over 1.5 gigs. A true sign that I love evernote. I started the Evernote rebuild at 9:06 and it is still going at 9:46. It is at 841 out of 2077 notes. It will be just under two hours before this rebuild finishes.

Is there any solution to this issue? Any suggestions? I use the product in IE, Firefox for both Win and PC, and Safari. No problems until this past month when something got corrupted. I know that this is a database product and it is normal for corruption to take place. We need a tool to handle the corruption without having to REBUILD our databases that will grow larger and larger in time.

This is a great product....Keep up the great work

Mrs Notetaker

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If something in your account is preventing synchronization, that represents a bug in our software that we want to fix.

If you see this again, you could go to: Help > Technical Support

And then open a support inquiry at the bottom of the page. We could look at your synchronization logs to determine the cause of the problem.


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