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Note, created by Skitch, cannot be modified

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I use Skitch to create a note

When the note sync to evernote, the note title will be "screenshot".

I try to use Evernote note to edit the title, but it does not allow to edit.

I need to use the web base evernote to do the modification.

Please help


OS: Win7




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Hi.  Workaround first - try a keyword or two as part of your Skitch,  or add tags so it stays findable. 


Meantime - yep,  happens to me too.  Bug.  I submitted a ticket #1238502 - feel free to join in if you wish!


Edit:  Also - if you create another new note with the title you require and then merge the two you'll get the right title - but you may not then be able to annotate the Skitch part...

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Hi zmarcoz,


Thanks for reporting this.  The Developer team is aware of the change.  I don't have an update right now, but be sure to update both Evernote and Skitch when prompted.  There should be an update soon.


As Gazumped mentioned, you can open a support request if you need to provide additional information.


Thanks again for reporting this.



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