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All-in-one printer scanner?


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Much as I would like an Evernote Snapscan, I don't have deskspace for an additional device AND I need a new inkjet printer.  My Brother machine is old and the feeder no longer works.


Can I get feedback and advice please on finding an all-in-one printer that hopefully

  • scans well enough for OCR
  • double sided scanning
  • multi page PDFs
  • document feeder
  • will scan straight through to Evernote as seamlessly as possible

Are there further attributes I have forgotten to include?


Thanks, Bill

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Hi.  Don't know offhand of any scanner / printer / copiers that include page feeders,  but I'm sure they exist.  My usual advice for buying hardware is:  check out the retailers around your area - they'll have older stuff on sale (trust me: the old stuff is always less trouble..) and you can ask questions and get some hands-on experience before you buy.  If you need to return an item or get help,  the local option is often better than email or phone with more complex products.  If you're on a tight budget you can always check online prices once you have a model to search for.


As to your specs:

  • You need 300DPI for OCR
  • Flatbed scanners don't (usually) do double-sided (except by turning pages manually)
  • PDFs - check how the scanner knows to start a new document; if you stack 100 pages of 5 documents...
  • document feeder is essential for efficient volume scanning
  • scanning to Evernote not actually necessary or desirable.  Scan to a folder on your hard drive so you can OCR / edit / rename files,  then move batches to an Import Folder to import into Evernote

I think that's all you need from the scanner side.


(ScanSnaps,  by the way,  occupy very little desk space when folded up - think about one laptop trackpad by four as the footprint.  Things fold out,  Transformer-style to form the feeder and tray..)


Sorry to lack specifics on models,  but mine's a Fujitsu S1500.

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