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safari Web clipper won't clip in safari

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I'm on a Mac. My web clipper doesn't work either. I click on it and nothing happens. 

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Thanks for the report. Safari Web Clipper works fine in our testing so I'd like to get some more info from you:

- OS and Safari version numbers.

- Web Clipper version number.

- What URL(s) it fails to start on ( a few samples where this happens to you)


Things to try:

- Restart Safari

- Restart your computer (if updates have installed it sometimes helps to restart the system)

- Clear cache in Safari > Clear history and website data

- Check Adblock & Popup settings in both Safari and any other extension you might have. Sometimes they change and all of a sudden are blocking the Web Clipper UI from loading. 


Let me know if anything helps. 

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Happening to me too. Tried a restart of the Mac but not luck. Running 10.10.5


This is a recurrent problem. Needs a permanent fix,

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