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[Request] Search for words in different language




I am ok in multiple languages and therefore read and save things in different languages. Sometimes one language has a better word for a specific thought and you mix up languages... (hope im not the only one who does this?)


What I would love would be a search, that additional checks my notes for my query in different languages.

That could be an optional. To narrow down the results the user should also define which languages one speaks and likes to search for in his profile.

e.g. if you search for 'dog', it should show me notes with 'Hund' or 'Perro'. (english, german, spanish)  :D 


I think you can build that easily based on your fuzzy image search. Would be a nice database ^^


Kind regards

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Nice feature request.  Not sure a polyglot spellcheck would be 'easy' to set up,  or how relevant* it would be to us users struggling with the one language.  Still - the developers do read these pages...  ^_^



*Therefore:  what's in it for Evernote if they spend a long time and incur lots of costs making such a feature work...?

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Oh it's been a long time... I guess the cost here are way higher than the benefits. (would probably affect 1% of users)

- would be probably better to search for synonyms, but that would be heavy on the search too :unsure:

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