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Constant Evernote Business adverts

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It seems as though every time I open Evernote, I have to clear an advert for Evernote Business which is taking up my whole screen.  My company doesn't use Evernote and I have no voice in any decision making process which would mean the company would start using it so it's not like one day I'm going to suddenly click through the advert and start using that product.


Please, please, PLEASE can I have a way of switching these adverts off?  They simply aren't relevant to me and are just causing annoyance.



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Hi.  Always good to know your device and OS to make suggestions...


There are a couple of 'please send me spam' settings that you may be able to untick - check yours here:  https://www.evernote.com/PersonalSettings.action


Plus one recent update did have marketing turned up to '11' but that has been fixed - check you're using the latest EN version...


Edit:  and in Evernote > Tools > General (EN Win desktop) you have "show Evernote promotions" ticked.  Untick it.

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Thanks for your reply.  This is on Evernote for Windows (8) and on Android Lollipop - both tablet and phone.


My spam opt-ins are pretty much all off and I always update the Windows client to the latest version.  


Have just opened Evernote on my phone to take a look and hey presto - an advert for Evernote Business taking up half the screen!  The fun continues


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