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iPad App: Selecting multiple tags when creating a new note

Olis Trunk


Cant find a solution to this on a quick search of the forums and groups so placing it here as a potential feature request (re-instatement?).

When creating a new note in the iPad version of Evernote adding Tags becomes a repetitive and time consuming process as is seems one is unable to select multiple tags in one go from the presented table.

It would be great if one could do this, save a lot of time.

PS. If there is a solution then would love to learn about it. Tnx


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If you have a bunch of tags you need to apply consistently,  you can either

  1. create a template note with all the tags pre-applied and copy that to create a new note (check the options to make sure you copy the tags too...),  or
  2. if you need more flexibility,  save your tag sequence in a note as tag1,tag2,tag3 etc and when the tag box appears,  copy the string of comma-separated tags into it.  Evernote will split your string into individual tags.
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Tnx. Much appreciated and will look to do for those where I have repetitive TAG's. But these feel like a work around to compensate for a lack of a feature(s) and is more difficult to do where tagging uniquely.


However really appreciate you taking the time to answer and will implement where I am able.

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