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(Archived) line breaks lost in EN, any way to revert?


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I had a note that was in the form of a logbook, woth lots of entries. When opening it for editing on the iphone, EN showed a message that it was not possible to edit formatted text. I chose to save a copy wothout formatting to be able to edit.

Returning to EN on my Mac, I found that *both* versions lost *all* line breaks... making the text compact and sort of unreadable...

Is there a way to revert to the former version? Or putting the line breaks back again (say of there would be invisble markers in the EN note)?

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Thanks for the reply!

Checking in EN Web though, it's just the same as in EN on my Mac.

What I did in EN Mac was that I recovered the note from Trash (since it was deleted when making a copy on the iphone). Not that it changed the formatting, but perhaps there could be a way to do backtracking to get back to the original, in some way?

I might have to consider this a lost case, but would there be any way to get back to the original, I reckon it would save me hours of formatting...



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Hello, I'm fairly new to the EN family and sync my notes between my desktop and my droid.  When I create a list on the desktop (for example a list of groceries to pick up) I put one item per line and everything looks fine on the desktop, but when I sync the notebook and look at it on my droid the list has lost all linebreaks so it is just one huge paragraph.  Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong?  Many Thanks.

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