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A set of tag names has been altered mysteriously

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No sure if anyone's come across something like this?


I have a set of tags for which I'm using a period (.) as a prefix. That's to keep them separate from other tags so easier to use and to search. In the tags view I have them nested under a broader topic. Yesterday I discovered that the periods have all suddenly disappeared. The tags are still there, along with their associated notes, but the periods are just all gone. This has only happened within that particular nested topic (I also use the same prefix for other sets of tags under different broader headings, but these have not changed). 


Firstly I can't imagine why it's happened. Secondly, can't think of a way to fix it without manually going through every one of them (there are at least a couple of hundred). 


Anyone have any ideas?

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Very strange - tag names shouldn't change arbitrarily.  Have you checked the names on any other client - EN Web or another device?  If this change happened just on your device,  in ascending order of hassle try

  • logging out / back in; 
  • restarting the desktop;
  • -provided you have no unsynced notes or Local Notebooks-
    • Evernote>Tools>Options to locate your databases folder, 
    • File>Exit Evernote, 
    • rename the current databases folder to Databases.old
    • restart Evernote to rebuild your databases folder from the server.
  • uninstall / reinstall the app
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