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I think I cool topic to have as a blog post would be the differences, challenges, reasons, and any info relating to there being two versions of EverNote for Mac Desktop.

There is the store version and the web download version. With support and many users suggesting we download the web version instead of the store version, there must be good reason.

If EN was a paid app, we would not have this option. Unless EN would take and Apple receipt as proof to gain a serial/activation code. Luckily Evernote model is a subscription one and the app is free.

I'm curious what we would lose or gain in performance, troubleshooting, problems, features, etc if we only had the store version available.

I like the store versions. I like that all my updates are in one place. I like that the software is vetted by Apple. I like a lot about the store.

I also like that there are apps not in the store and we still have that option. But that I consider for non commercial software. Software where the user knows what they are doing. Testing software, things like wireshark and others, I would not want those in the store.

But I would love to see Adobes entire kit, ScanSnap, all that in the store. Forcing them to make an app that is generally a single bundle and not an app the litters all o we the place.

ScanSnap installs so much, Libs and other files that do t even look like mac files and I'm near certain they are not used. I'm going to move some stuff around and find out though.

Regardless, a blog post about all this would be cool. In EverNote's case it's not about the 30% they would be losing. I think they actually save money as Apple covers the bandwidth fees on free apps like EverNote.

Just an idea, I hope to one day see a post about.

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