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select the shown image at note snippet option

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I use the evernote with note list with Snippet option - and show note panel.


I wonder if there is a way to select the picture shown on note list when there are multiple images in a note?

It looks like evernote select the Snippet image automatically.


in many times it is much faster to find the note with associated image.


thank you in advance.




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Requested many times,  but not yet available - meantime the only way to avoid Evernote having the choice (AFAIK) is to make the other pictures 'not pictures'.  Either change the file extension to something other than PNG or JPG or convert your non-thumbnail pictures into one or more PDF files if you still need to see the image.  (PDF's do show in thumbnails,  but only -I think- if there's no other JPG/ PNG files around.  Picture files seem to have precedence.)


Beware that converting the image to PDF may affect the picture quality - but you could always attach the picture file too - just change the file type to GPJ/ GNP.

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