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Backspace/Delete functions not working in a table

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Hi there, I am using an Evernote Desktop version 5.9 for Windows. While working on tables in my documents I am not able to do the following:


1. Delete the whole table

2. Delete the contents inside the table - using 'delete' button 

3. Delete the contents inside the table  - using 'backspace' button


Please, can you help me sort this issue?


I tried restarting the PC couple of times but no luck yet.



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Yes, same here. Backspace and Delete key do not work -- or work erratically.


On the other hand, I notice that this is happening with notes created before this last updated. When working with tables created with Evernote 5.9x .... Backspace and Delete work as expected...

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Yup - seems as though tables created in Evernote 5.9 will behave 'normally' - other tables will not.  Difficult to suggest a work-around,  unless it's possible to recreate a table from scratch and delete an 'old' version....

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It works when you edit on the android. Otherwise, something has to be done.


We cannot redo tables just because we want to edit them. Is evernote going to fix this? It's really getting to be a problem for us heavy table users

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