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(Archived) "Untagged" Saved Search Doesn't Update?

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So, I've created an "untagged" saved search, that should give me only those notes that don't have a tag. Its query is:


It seems to work in a haphazard fashion. Sometimes it shows me the notes that don't have tags. Sometimes it still shows me notes that I've just tagged. I've tried closing/reopening the database in order to force it to refresh, but right now, it's still showing four notes that actually have tags.

Is there some way to force a "refresh" on saved searches?

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Unfortunatelly, in your version there is no direct way to 'refresh' Saved Searches. You can do it indirectly by 'Edit Query" command. Change quiery to [tag] and next time to [-tag:*] again.

Did you follow when this Saved Search count became broken?

Does it restored back into correct value after some action?

When it is broken, does it decreased when you are assigning tag to untagged note or does it increased when you are removing all tags from tagged note?

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It became broken soon after I created it.

As it stands right now, editing the query twice (like you recommended), does reset the count. But then it breaks again.

It breaks in that when I tag something, it is not removed from this saved search. When I "untag" a note, it shows up correctly into this category.

After doing some testing, it seems that if I tag a note by using the tag assignment dialog, everything is good. The tag is assigned, and the note falls out of the Untagged saved search.

However, if I tag by doing a drag-n-drop from the note header to a tag, the tag is assigned, but the note does not fall out of the saved search.

So, 2/3 ways of assigning a tag are good.

I've also noticed that with these 2/3 ways of assigning a tag, the tags column in the note list is updated right away. If I tag by dragging the note header to the tag, the note header is not updated.

I think there's a flaw somewhere in the drag note header to tag code...

Note that even when the untagged saved search wasn't working for the desktop version, the web version did show the correct results.

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Yes, drop from the note bar onto tag doesn't update Saved searches. It is a bug. Thank you very much.

Tags column is not updated by exactly the same reason.

Sorry for inconvenience. It will be fixed it next update.

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